Premier is proud to present one of a kind unique concept the SALT SPA.

We welcome you to experience a new way of lifestyle, by giving you a solution for personal wellness.

In today’s world people live and work in extremely polluted environment, which causes various problems such as skin diseases, allergies, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory.

Most of us exposed to significant stress and mental pressure eventually causes breakdowns and affects the immune system of the body.

The idea of SALT SPA was born from the need to treat, clean and purify our body mind and soul.

The SALT SPA is a clean and natural environment, that provides a unique combination of treatments with Dead Sea salt mud and minerals together with Salt Therapy also known as Halotherapy, This unique combination meets the needs of today’s polluted world.

All our treatments in SALT SPA are given in luxurious salt rooms by professional team.

We help you live better.